You might not believe it but in Italy, pizza is a very different experience than it is elsewhere. Over the years, the way in which pizza is made in the UK or the US has changed a lot and we have added toppings that the Italians would never consider, such as pineapple. So what do the Italians use?

The original pizza was developed in the 16th century in Naples. A flatbread was produced to feed the poorer people in the city. Toppings were added as available and these included olive oil, herbs, and spices. In the 19th century, a new pizza was created to commemorate a visit from Queen Margherita and it was based on the Italian flag colours. Red was represented by tomatoes, basil added the green and mozzarella made the white. This recipe for the margarita pizza is still used today although there are variations of this pizza available.

The Pizza Fiorentina also features mozzarella, as well as spinach, egg, and parmesan. This is a very healthy option but it is very different to the tomato and cheese-laden pizzas that we have become used to in the UK and the US. It is considered to be a great way to encourage kids to eat their greens.

Pizza con Zucchini E. Aceto Balsamico features courgettes with a balsamic glaze. With the added cheese, this is a striking-looking pizza. Alternatively, you could opt for a deep pan-style pizza that has anchovies with olives and capers. This is a traditional recipe which originates from Sicily although there are a number of variations of this recipe.

Meat lovers will prefer the pizza volante ai salumi, a traditional dish that uses three different hams as toppings as well as mascarpone, but if you are making this yourself, you also have the option to use mozzarella instead of mascarpone.