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Have you ever wanted a definitive answer to the age-old question “Pineapple on a pizza?” Well, the Italians, who created this amazing dish, know exactly what that answer is.

What about Italian wine? We can help you with which one is the best, and if you fancied a trip to the Italian wineyards, we can tell you a little about each area, which can help you along your way.

Are you after an authentic Italian pizza experience? Not sure what toppings are traditional? We did our research so you don’t have to. Check out our great pizza recipes, try a few at home, they might surprise you. Home-made pizzas cannot be beaten and these tasty toppings make it even more special.

Are you not a pizza fan? Perhaps you prefer pasta more? There are so many different types of pasta on the market, but did you know each one was created specifically for a certain sauce? How do you know which sauce was designed for each pasta? Follow our guide, we can help you create the perfect pasta and sauce meal you are sure to love.

The Italian cuisine is not just Mediterranean, it has a flavour of its own. It has to be tried first-hand to really be appreciated. If you are looking for ideas for home cooking then there isn’t anything better than a tasty Italian meal. Using the freshest ingredients and the right blend of herbs, creating a mouthwatering meal is probably easier than you think.

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